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Where can I find product information not listed on

Feel free to send us an email, or call us at 888-515-8880.

Why should I buy Staples® brand products instead of other brand-name products?

Staples® brand products have been rated the most trusted brand in office supplies in North American customer surveys and are available in 27 countries. We proudly back our Staples® brand office supplies and facilities products with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If at any time you’re not absolutely satisfied with your Staples® brand purchase, just return it. It’s that easy.

How environmentally friendly are the products Staples sells?

Staples wants to take it easy on the planet, and part of that effort involves selling eco-friendly products. From recycled desk accessories and third-party-certified technology to eco-conscious cleaning supplies and compostable cups, we have green choices to get you through your day.

Can I purchase a service plan for the products I buy?

Yes you can. Accidents happen; our easycare Protection Plans will keep you covered.

Can I purchase an extended service plan for my business machine or computer?

When purchasing an office machine or computer from us, you have the option to add an Extended Service Plan to your cart. The length of extended service ranges from one year to three years, and pricing varies depending on the product. 

If you’ve already purchased your office machine or computer from us via the Internet or by placing an order with one of our Customer Service Representatives, you may also purchase an Extended Service Plan by going in to one of our stores and showing both the product and your packing slip. You have up to 11 months from the initial product purchase date to purchase the Extended Service Plan. 

Please note that if you ever need to use the service, you’ll need to have both the receipt for the original item purchase as well as the receipt for the purchase of the Extended Service Plan available. 

Should you require additional assistance, please call 888-515-8880 to speak with one of our Customer Service Representatives.

Does Staples offer any recycling services for used ink or toner cartridges or other products?

Indeed, we do. Staples wants to take it easy on the planet, and part of that effort involves helping you recycle your outdated technology. Visit your local Staples retail store to recycle your ink and toner cartridges, batteries, computers, monitors, paper shredders and more.

I need printing services. Can Staples help?

Yes we can. Staples Print & Marketing provides multiple services, from basic copying to business card printing and promotional item creation. Visit the web site to learn more.

Preferred Customers Save 10% on almost all Print and Marketing Services at solutionshop with Preferred Perks.

*Discount applies with the use of your business discount membership. Exclusive savings for Preferred customers are in addition to promotion savings. Discount applies to select print and marketing services such as large format prints, marketing materials, business supplies, finishing services, document and same-day printing. Customer save 10% when they apply their business discount number in-store or online at If you need assistance with your Staples Preferred Membership, please contact your account manager.

Why can't I track my Print & Marketing order on

We’re sorry about that inconvenience. In order to provide you with the best possible customer experience, we ask that you please visit to track your order.

Can Staples help me ship a package?

Yes we can. If you’d like to ship items from a Staples retail store, visit one of our Staples Shipping Centres. You can save your shipping information and addresses in our database and can access this information from any store. You can also track this order through Order Status with the tracking number given to you at the store.

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